Nerdious Night – 10/14/16


This Friday Nerdious will run our first league event for: BattleCon.

While we will not be distributing any promo cards with this event, you will earn League Points toward tiered promo cards at the end of the season. Points are awarded based on the following:

50 Points for your first victory during the Event
20 Points for your next 9 victories during the Event
10 Points for every game played (lost games, or victories beyond the first 10)
30 Points for each completed Bonus Objective during a League Event

League Prizes will be mailed out to partcipants in January 2017 based on total points earned within the season.


Nerdious Maximus at Nerdious
Cadwal is a Nerdious contributor with a degree in Hospitality Management and Journalism with a minor in Theatre. He is the equivalent of a walking, talking wikipedia with many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse. By day he is a hospitality professional, but by night he dons a mic hoping to be the next Vic Mignogna.

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