Nerdious Night – BattleCon Block 2

The fight continues this Friday at 8:00 p.m. as new challengers await, will you accept the invitation?


Thanks everyone who came out last week. This week is the start of block two. This is an opportunity for players to earn 180xp from Bonus Objectives and any amount from game play (based on time). Remember: more than one Bonus Objective may be completed at a time.

Block 2 Objectives

Transformation Complete: Play 3 games with fighters from this list: Iri, Kehrolyn, Endrbyt, Zaamassal, Lesandra, Lymn, Thessala, Clive
Against the Odds: Play in a 2 vs. 1 game as or against an EX opponent
Ancient Titan: Battle as or against the ‘Runika & Udstad’ Boss, found in Devastation
Striking Out: Play 3 games wiht Strikers
‘Round the World: Play 3 Arena games
Cosmic Power: Play 2 Almighty games, using the ALmighty Fighters and Almighty Bases found in Light & Shadow

To maximize your Bonus Objective Completion:
-Complete Transformation Complete, Against the Odds, Striking Out, ‘Round the World
-Complete Transformation Complete, Runika & Udstad, Striking Out, ‘Round the World
-Complete Transformation Complete, Cosmic Power, Striking Out, ‘Round the World

Based on feedback from last week’s League Event we will be implementing the following changes:
-30 Minute Time Limit on all matches, so players may maximize their XP earned based on W/L. Players may resolve all remaining actions in the current beat and the one with the most health remaining is the winner.
-Bonus Objective heroes will be pulled and sleeved prior to the event so that they are readily accessible at the beginning of the event

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