The Future of BattleCon Revealed

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With Empyreal: Spells & Steam wrapping up it’s Kickstarter this week, Level 99 Games revealed a preview of what’s coming next to Kickstarter on their Level Cap Podcast.

BattleCon Unleashed is projected to be posted on Kickstarter sometime this summer pending the completion of core content. According to D. Brad Talton Jr. of Level 99 Games, this Kickstarter is the final crowdfunding campaign for the legendary tabletop fighting game, closing out the series’ run on Kickstarter. Don’t lose hope though because D. Brad confirmed it’s not the end of BattleCon and will continue to be supported by other releases and BattleCon Online.

Level 99 Games introduced the series in 2011 through BattleCon War of Indines and has since released four follow-up core boxes and other expansions.

BattleCon Unleashed will be perhaps the largest BattleCon campaign to date and consist of five individual components.

The big box is the namesake, BattleCon Unleashed, which will feature War and Fate tuck boxes, space for fighters, arenas, variant fighters, all stretch goals from the campaign, and fit all previously released sets. This “big box” has been a long time rumored as backers of previous BattleCon campaigns may remember that D. Brad previously discussed the logistics.

The next part is BattleCon Devastation Remastered, which will feature all the original fighters and two new fighters. Don’t fret though if you already own Devastation as there will be an “Upgrade Kit” tier available, which will include all new and updated materials, tuck boxes, and the new fighters.

This campaign will also fund BattleCon Wanderers, which consists of 10 original fighters design by veterans of the BattleCon franchise.

The last part of the campaign is the Grand Chronicle, which will feature lore, art, and stories from the Indines setting.

Altogether the campaign is shaping up to be one amazing crowdfunding campaign for fans of the BattleCon franchise.

Despite all the hype for the future of BattleCon, Marco made some time for other Level 99 Games franchises during their Q&A session.

In response to questions, D. Brad confirmed under pressure that Pixel Tactics 6 is coming, though given the hesitation this may be a long ways off or may even be tied into Pixel Tactics Online rather than receiving a physical release.

An interesting though not necessarily surprising question came up regarding the idea of licenses in the BattleCon franchise. D. Brad made it clear that he is not interested in releasing licensed versions of BattleCon, partially due to BattleCon Online.

“Transferring those licenses to a digital space is really tough, whereas with our own license we can do whatever we want,” D. Brad said. “When you see a BattleCon character, you know they’re in World of Indines, and that’s kind of nice because it has its own cohesive universe to it.”

However, he is interested in doing more licensed seasons for Exceed, which were previously hinted at in the updates for Exceed Season 2. Exceed already highlighted the worlds of Red Horizon and Seventh Cross, and fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement for the next season.

D. Brad acknowledged that he has pre-planned season ideas for many different fighting game franchises that he made in his spare time.

“I basically have Exceed seasons for most fighting games that I made in my spare time,” D. Brad said. “We have a cool mechanic for a lot of them.”

“That’s what I do for fun, I sit around and make Exceed seasons,” D. Brad joked. Though given the limitless possibilities for the series this is an awesome prospect.

(Dear D. Brad, if you’re reading this: Them’s Fighting Hooves. Thank you!)

This year tabletop fighting game fans have a lot to be excited for with BattleCon Trials of Indines shipping at the beginning of the year, a successful Kickstarter for the Street Fighter tactics game from Jasco in May, and Exceed Season 2 is expected to arrive in stores this August.

Look out for future BattleCon Unleashed announcements as we get closer to the launch of the Kickstarter. If you’re interested in getting involved before then, check out the Level 99 Games Organized Play Program, which wraps up Season 3 next month.

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